Tomorrow morning, tenants, organizers, and a lawyer with Lexington Housing Justice Collective are meeting with Mayor Linda Gorton and staff to urge her to stop all evictions in Fayette County. Stayed tuned for updates.

Update on our meeting yesterday morning with Mayor Linda Gorton:

She made no commitments. LHJC members made a strong case for Mayor Gorton stopping all evictions. She listened to us, and thanked us; but when LHJC members prompted her to meet tenants’ demands or respond directly to our concerns, she evaded. She would not commit to any concrete actions — not even a second meeting.

The Mayor has multiple options for using her legal authority to stop evictions. She should be fully committing to acting with that authority. Instead of hiding behind arguments that “keep her from acting” her office should be acting on the opportunities that allow her to do what is right.

What does this mean? Our fight is not over. We have to continue to press forward in getting Mayor Gorton to #StopAllEvictions

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