BREAKING: This morning, Lexington protestors disrupted eviction court!

There was supposed to be another slurry of evictions in Judge Bell’s court, which is hosted on Zoom. However, the people of Lexington decided things were not going to be business as usual and took matters into their own hands. Several protesters joined Judge Bell’s online court today and interrupted proceedings throughout the hour and a half meeting.

Participants read the following script, adapted from KC Tenants:

“No one should be evicted during a pandemic. This is not justice. This is not due process. This is violence. All evictions must end. People are dying. Tenants on the line: this is not your fault. You deserve a decent home. You deserve shelter during the pandemic. You are not alone. Your community has your back. Judge Bell, you are complicit with every eviction you hear. You are making people homeless during a pandemic. You are killing people. It doesn’t have to be this way. You have a choice. End evictions; people are dying.”

Despite the disruption, at least 8 tenants were still evicted from Judge Bell’s docket. People are losing their homes every single day—including the week of Christmas with a deadly pandemic raging.

Meanwhile, banners were dropped around the city calling on Mayor Linda Gorton to implement an eviction moratorium now. Hundreds of people have been evicted in Lexington since August, in the middle of the largest COVID-19 spike since the pandemic began. Even with an extended CDC moratorium and more rental assistance, hundreds more will be evicted. Mayor Linda Gorton, use your emergency powers to implement a comprehensive and automatic eviction moratorium NOW—and Governor Andy Beshear, CANCEL THE RENT!

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