The mass evictions coming to Lexington reflect the historic racism and brutality of housing in the US. Our housing system is designed to constantly and violently remove people from their homes, especially Black, Indigenous, and Latinx people.

Mayor Gorton and the members of Lexington’s city council can create a housing system where everyone has access to safe, accessible, permanently affordable, and sustainable housing. They can reduce the number of evictions Lexingtonians face. We are calling on Mayor Linda Gorton and the Urban County Council to:

  1. Fully fund the Affordable Housing Fund to end homelessness and build social housing;
  2. Enact just rental assistance; and
  3. Ban sweeps of homeless encampments.

What can you do to help?

  1. Sign the petition and learn more about the demands!
  2. This week, show out to our Know Your Rights and Eviction Defense trainings Wednesday the 19th at 7pm and Saturday the 22nd at 1pm, info here.
  3. Next Monday the 24th at 9am and Tuesday the 25th at 6:30pm, join us at the courthouse to protest mass evictions, info here.

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