We need you to call Governor Beshear to #STOPMASSEVICTIONS!! Though Kentucky has an eviction moratorium, rent’s still due. Mass evictions are coming once the State of Emergency ends. We need stronger tenant protections. Call using this script below (also available at tinyurl.com/NoEvictionsKY)

To leave a message for Governor Beshear supporting tenant protections during the COVID-19 crisis:

  1. Call Governor Beshear’s office at (502)564-2611.
  2. You may be put on a brief hold–be patient! 🙂
  3. Say that you would like to leave a message for Governor Beshear.
  4. Your call will be transferred to the message line.
  5. Read the below script (begins after the italicized text). 

If you prefer to email Governor Beshear:

  1. Use the contact form here
  2. Write “Stop Mass Evictions: Executive Order Needed” as the subject.
  3. Copy and paste the below script. 
  4. Insert your name and town in the first sentence; change “calling” in the second sentence to “writing”; and sign your name at the end!
  5. Submit form!

When you are done, remember to sign the petition and sign on as an organization.

Stay up to date on how you can support the campaign for tenant protections during COVID-19 via Facebook and Twitter. Thank you for your action! 


Governor Beshear,

My name is [insert name]; I am from [insert town]. I am calling to ask you to issue an executive order to ensure no one will ever be evicted due to non-payment that occurs during the State of Emergency. This includes preventing landlords from merely waiting until the State of Emergency and eviction moratorium end to evict a tenant who cannot pay now. We need similar protections for nonpayment of mortgages and utilities.

The COVID-19 crisis is unprecedented in scope and impact on Kentuckians. Unless you act, mass evictions are coming. According to the Lexington Fair Housing Council, the Jefferson County District Court has already maxed out the number of evictions they can have for the first several weeks after the eviction moratorium. Kentuckians will lose their homes. 

Income loss is in part due to business closures you have wisely mandated to prevent the spread of COVID-19. As such, it is incumbent on you, Governor Beshear, to protect those making sacrifices on your orders. 

What that means is issuing executive orders to ensure that Kentuckians who cannot meet their obligations during the crisis are not punished for it when Kentucky exits the State of Emergency and the current eviction moratorium ends.

Rents are due at the start of April. I urge you to issue these orders as soon as possible. 

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